They will have to submit the relevant nautical qualifications, according to the chosen boat, along with their ID or passport

When the contract is formal, passengers will have to pay 30% of the total rental amount (non-refundable).

The remaining 70 % will be paid upon when taking possession of the boat, plus damage deposit (which will depend on the boat).

Reservations can be formalized contracts at our office or through our website.

Cancellations: If the customer has paid the total amount, we will only return that amount in case of failure of the boatl, unimpeachable to the customer.

Deposit: The customer will have to post a bond to answer any damage, loss, or delay of items upon delivery of the boat.

However, if the amount resulting from the above cases is greater than the deposit, the client is obliged to pay the difference.

The deposit will be returned to the customer once the well condition of the boat is checked.

Number of passengers: the number of persons is specified beforehand according to the rented boat, leaving the owner exempted from liability if the tenant fails authorization.

Procurement: The procurement of fuel costs are charged to the customer. The boats will be delivered with a full tank and also returned with a full tank; otherwise, the missing fuel quantity will be charged plus the service of 25 €.

Insurance: Insurance is not included in the rental price. Hiring the same (mandatory ) represents one + 4 % of the rental, with an excess of 300 € . If the customer prefers to rent the boat without excess,  the insurance will be one + 5% of the rental.

Delivery and collection: boats will be delivered at the port of L' Estartit, or L' Escala, according to the boat. Deliveries will from 9 or 10 a.m. and will be collected at 6 or 7 p.m., during the months of May, June, September, and October. During the months of July and August deliveries will be between 9 and 11 a.m. and collected from 6 to 8 p.m. We appreciate puntuality and customers notifing us if they are coming outside these schedules.

When we delivered the boat , we will supply the necessary safety equipment as well as a copy of the documentation. After that, we will explain the operation of the boat, and please, do not hesitate to ask any question you have.

The COMPANY  is not responsible for bad weather conditions, during the days of your rental. You can check the weather forecast in .

In case of breakdown or mechanical problem, customers will only have to call to our service, and our technicians will assist you as quickly as possible. If the problem can not be solved in a reasonable time, we will provide custimers with a boat with similar characteristics.

Non-Authorized Use:

It is forbidden:

-Getting weapons and drugs.

-Re-hiring the boat.

-Transporting goods or passengers, commercial fishing or participating in races.

-Any other activity prohibited by law or environmental regulations.

-to moor on a buoy, if it is not monitored and authorized by the Dirección General de la Marina.

- to stop the boat on the beach or to access to it, unless it is an authorized channel.

- to driving without the appropriate title navigation.

-to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

* Disclaimer: If customers do not follow the rules established by Customs & Marina, the only responsible under the law will be the contractor. Negligence in the use of the boat or infringing current legislation  will be grounds for invalidating immediately  the contract, for which the previously amounts paid will be considered as compensation for the company Projectes i Serveis Empordà, SL.